4 Great Drinking Games for When You’re Low on Alcohol

beer pong

Ain’t got enough booze for a buzz? Check out these party games specially designed to keep the fun going long after your bottles run empty–you’ll be sloshed before even you’re done reading!


Old Brown Shoe

Best for: Partygoers with a retro vibe, a single beer, a lot of time on their hands.

How it works: Have everyone sit down in a circle and place their shoes in the center. As you begin to pass your solitary can of beer around, begin playing the entire Beatles’ catalogue in chronological order. When you reach the Harrison-penned 1969 B-side “Old Brown Shoe,” whoever is holding the beer has to chug the entire thing! Then everybody puts their shoes back on and leaves.

For extra fun: If somebody forgets to wear brown shoes, you have to start the game all over again!


Pick ’em Up

Best for: Energetic groups looking to save the world and get totally wasted!

Description: Grab all of your heaviest-drinking pals and join the Adopt-A-Highway program. Once you are assigned your stretch of interstate expressway, head out and collect as many discarded beer cans as you can! Knock back the dregs in each of the empties, and the first person to throw up loses.

Pro-tip: If the liquid in a bottle looks like urine, and it smells like urine, then you’re probably overthinking it. Just drink and have fun!


12 Apostles

Best for: Large groups who enjoy personal expression and a laid-back environment.

Description: Pack a suitcase of bathrobes and false beards, and meet your friends at a local church service. Make as many passes at the communion wine as you can, while changing into a different apostle costume in between each round. Whoever reaches or gets the closest to the divine dozen is the victor.

For extra fun: When dressed up as Judas, you are allowed to rat out your drunken friends to the priest, entitling you to all the silver coins in the donation basket.


Steam Up, Clean Up

Best for: Fans of danger and nudity, but mostly danger.

Description: Grab your hottest friends, strip down to a towel, and rent out a sauna for the evening. As you are steaming, give each person a bottle of hand sanitizer to finish as fast as they can. The combination of intense sweating and the ingestion of a gel solution that can be up to 85% alcohol will get you drunker than ever before, all while surrounded by a bunch of half-naked hotties. Score!

Pro-tip: This will probably kill you, but in a romantic James Dean sort of way.


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