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Monogrammed Towels

By Dan Fitzpatrick

I recently acquired a set of monogrammed towels, with a fancy “DF” embroidered near the bottom. The thing about monogrammed towels is that the initials make it very hard for most people to steal, but extremely easy for a select few to steal. Most of the time, Dakota Fanning doesn’t even notice they’re gone.

I              I

I              I

I              I


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Live Performance of the Week: “Hammer to Fall” by Queen

In honor of Freddie’s birthday earlier this month, here’s a rip-roaring number from Queen’s famous show at Wembley in 1986. If the music itself isn’t powerful enough, then you can bask in the glow of the world’s greatest mustache.

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Live Performance of the Week: “Venus and Mars/Rock Show/Jet” by Paul McCartney and Wings

In this mulletastic clip from 1976, Macca rips through one of his lesser known medleys in spectacular fashion. Also featured are a bright pink scarf, bubble explosion, and Linda’s mediocre keyboard playing, but none of that really seems to matter.

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