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The National Lampoon/Weekly Humorist

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Little Old Lady Comedy

I, Fyre Festival Founder Billy McFarland, Will Serve The Ultimate Prison Experience

Above Average

Hurricane Forced to Change Name After Passing Through Ellis Island

History Channel Discovers ‘&’ in ‘PB&J’ Stands for ‘Andre the Giant’

Can’t We Have One Monopoly Game Without A Proletariat Uprising?

Study: 90% of Scientists Only Use Microscopes to Watch Tiny Cat Videos

Trump Denies Russia Ties While Face And Hands Covered in Borscht

Unlikely Animal Friendships That Will Make You Go “Yum!”

War on Christmas: Why Don’t Bibles Say ‘Merry Christmas’ Anymore?

Saving the Most Stuff When Your House Burns Down

The National Memo

A Beginner’s Guide to Trump-ese

Notes from the Trump-Pence Logo Design Meeting

A Late-Night Text Conversation between Putin and Trump

The Dark History Behind Donald Trump’s Hair

Comparing Trump’s Not-So-Super VP Candidates

Is Trump the New Boss Tweed?

Can Celebrity Endorsements Sway an Election?

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