What Your Favorite Radio Genre Says About You

Your fancy psychiatrists and parole officers will tell you otherwise, but you can find out all you need to know about yourself just by looking at your car radio presets. Read on to the bottom to discover who you really are, and don’t touch that dial!


Alt Rock: You’re most likely wearing black to reflect your teenage angst and growing bangs to hide your teenage acne.

Blues: You must be up early on a weekend to listen to that honey-voiced DJ, Danny Fitz, from the Blues Hangover on WHRB.

Christian: You love Jesus, but hate yourself.

Classical: Appearing intellectual and sophisticated is important to you. Plus, you really like that one Beethoven song that goes “DUN DUN DUN DUN!”

Classic Rock: Whether you’re an out-of-touch dad or a young person desperate to not fit in, the Doobie Brothers are your Gospel.

Country: Friends have never considered you to a brilliant thinker, but you do understand the simple pleasure of listening to music about a pickup truck while driving a pickup truck.

Hip-Hop: Your radio’s got the bass turned all the way up, since you one day aspire to be both gangsta and legally deaf.

Jazz: You know how to appreciate the little things in life. Heck, if you look out the window and listen to jazz at the same time, you’re practically watching the Weather Channel!

Latin: Not only are you likely Hispanic, but you also enjoy listening to songs about gasolina, whatever that means.

News: Sorry, old timer, but no matter how badly you want it, you aren’t going to hear any more of FDR’s Fireside Chats.

Polka: You don’t care what the others think. You may not have many friends, but at least you have your accordion. Stay gold, Ponyboy.

Sports: It’s Saturday night and you’re alone and drunk in your apartment. What do you do? Probably call in to the station to trash talk professional athletes while you eat cheese curls in your underwear.

Talk: You don’t have many opinions on the news of today, but you will once a respected stranger tells you what they should be.

Top 40: You have failed to grasp true art and creativity, much like Hitler, but without his political success.


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