Prospectors of New York


What does success mean to you?

“Wooo-eeee! Thar’s gold in dem mountins, I tell ya! Chunks in da river as large as a heffer’s teat, ‘n’ da water tastes sweeter dan any udder place on dis ‘ol green Earth. Dat’s whar I’m gonna be a-makin’ my fortune. Soon nuf I’ma be sittin’ ina manshun in muh Sundee best, sippin’ on a cuppa brandy ‘n’ havin’ new socks broughta me whenevertime I please.”


How long have you two been friends?

“Best get dat thar fire goin’, or we ain’t gonna last da night. Y’all ever know da Cold dat chills a man dawn to da bone? Took two-a muh own sons. Goes along wit da hunger, I reckon. Rocks ‘n’ snow ain’t gonna do a darn thang ta fill a man’s belly. Sometime got no udder choice dan ta gnaw on ya own freezed-up toes.”


If you could go back and give yourself one piece of advice, what would it be?

“Say y’all headed up to da Black Hills? A smart man would steer clear of them parts, yessiree. Nothin’ left dar but the ghosts a near tree-thousand Lakota warryers lookin’ fa revenge. No way in tarnation I be diggin’ up them parts, ‘less I’m lookin’ fa one less scalp on dis here skull a mine.”


What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“My my, we don’ get too many-a you lady-folk in dese parts. Whyn’t ya come on closer ta ‘ol Bill here, share muh blanket? Many-a-night I siddup longin’ for da soft caress of a woman’s touch. Wait, whar ya goin’ so soon, clementine?”


What memory is always guaranteed to make you smile?

*unintelligible grunting*


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