The Maiden Voyage: A Daring Foray into the Blogiverse

By Dan Fitz

     Hello, readers. Whether you are new friends, old enemies, or presumed-dead former lovers, I would like to welcome you to the blog. Willed into existence by three of eastern Pennsylvania’s greatest minds, this site thrusts us into the realm of unlimited possibilities. Summoning the spirit of the conquistadors of old, we twirl our mustaches and bravely venture forth into cyberspace, a land full of strange peoples and magnificent riches.Image

(It looks crowded. Good thing we brought our smallpox blankets)

     Nobody knows what form this blog will take. Much like the very computer I am typing on, its mechanics, nature, and purpose are an utter mystery to the entire human species. All we can do is respect its power and appease it with the occasional blood sacrifice–my goats will not be pleased to hear about that.

     My only intention for this blog is nothing, and I take comfort in that fact. Beyond each post, there is no room for moralizations, idealogical crusades, or grammer checks. Pure expression wins the day. And nothing is better than that.

“It’s hard to imagine

That nothing at all

Could be so exciting,

Could be this much fun.”-David Byrne, Heaven


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