Personal Announcement

Dear friends and family,

It is not without much careful thought and consideration that I make this difficult decision. Given the imminent future in which there will be no more Breaking Bad, I cannot foresee myself experiencing any amount of joy from personal accomplishments, true love, or even the birth of a child. This is why I have chosen to cryogenically freeze myself for an indefinite amount of time. Please thaw me out whenever we have the technology to erase certain memories, such as the entire plot of a television show, or simply to make more episodes of Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul probably won’t count. Thank you for understanding.

Forever yours,


2 thoughts on “Personal Announcement

  1. I just started watching the show and I’m part way through season 2. I’m already upset about the series ending. I can’t deal!

    1. I know. This must be how Walt felt during his initial diagnosis

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