Danopticon Publications

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Our new line of books is coming out soon, featuring mentally-stimulating reads across a variety of genres. Here are some exclusive previews:


“There’s Blood in My Stool,” and Other Common Resumé Mistakes

Ever find yourself puzzled about what to include on your resumé? Well here we have all the answers on what you should leave out, from gross medical information to embarrassing family secrets. You’ll never feel ashamed in an interview again!


The King James Bible (Sticker Edition)

Had enough with the Word of God? Why not try the Word of Fun! Our completely blank Bible comes with thousands of religious stickers, allowing you to invent your very own holy story. Who says that Mary and Goliath never teamed up to smite every tax collector in Sodom? Not your Bible, that’s for sure.


Trail of Tears of Joy

This historically accurate account retells the heartwarming story of how President Andrew Jackson bravely led the Indian peoples of the Southeast to the paradise of Oklahoma–a shining example of different people coming together to achieve a common goal, effectively ending all problems in the Native American community for generations to come.


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