Live Performance of the Week: “Let’s Go Get Stoned” by Joe Cocker

They say that the key to effective communication is to “know your audience,” and Joe Cocker takes this adage to heart with his song selection at the legendary Woodstock Festival. Everyone in this video appears a bit too busy exploring the outer dimensions of the music to notice how desperately they need a shower.

This doesn’t mean Cocker being dishonest about getting stoned, of course. Cocker looks like the type of guy who’s had to endure through many lifetimes, all of them chemically enhanced. Still, he–and whatever he’s on–makes for an entertaining show. While we at The Danopticon certainly do not condone drug use, we do recognize its occasional value in the artistic process. So even if your “bad habit” is just a few too many Oreos, don’t be afraid to enjoy the music and flail your arms around with Joe.


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