Argentinean Maps

At the 2012 Argentinean Cartographer’s Conference

“Alright people, we need some solutions pronto. How do we set our maps apart from the rest of the world?”

“How about we add helpful features like public transportation routes?”

“That’s the worst idea I ever heard. No more of this small-ball crap. We need ideas. Fernandez, give me something good!”

“What if we oriented all our maps with east or south facing upwards?”

“By gum, I think you’ve got something!”

“Or we could position them in a completely arbitrary direction–basically whatever we feel like.”

“My God, that’s genius! But would we make such a change clear to the map reader?”

“Absolutely not.”

“And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the future is made. Let’s go home.”


1 thought on “Argentinean Maps

  1. Love this! When I was there for vacation last spring, I splurged on a couple of nights in a mid-range B & B in Buenos Aires, and my 5 minutes of chat with the owner as he zoomed in and out was about how I always get lost in the city. He suggested it was the map “al reves,” not I, who had the bad sense of direction!

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