Wordplay Dictionary: Slide Show


slide show


1. a presentation of pictures and information; always the inappropriate response to the question, “How was your vacation?”

The school let Ms. Norris go after some graphic personal photographs found their way onto her slide show on Japanese internment camps during World War II.

2. an exposition showcasing the classic children’s playground structure, a ramp attached to a ladder

Did you hear that the police arrested fourteen sex offenders at the slide show last weekend?

3. a heated confrontation in which two or more trombone players vie for dominance by extending the metal tubing of their instruments to full length until a winner is decided

Once the other prisoners learned that Mitchell had been sent to jail for a slide show gone wrong, they never gave him any trouble again.

4. the process by which the crotch of one’s swimsuit shifts to the side as a person descends a water slide, thereby giving all onlookers an unimpaired view of the genitalia

Woah, Ms. Norris gave everyone a full slide show when she was coming down the Aquanator. I haven’t seen anything like that since history class.



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