Wordplay Dictionary: Animal-Lover




1.  a person who adores animals so much that she is willing to purchase them from a dirty store, force them to act as her closest friends, and humiliate them in public.

Duffy loves it when I take pictures of him in his little green top hat. He’s sure lucky that an animal-lover bought him!


2.  a PETA member; someone who attempts to fill his inner void by preaching endlessly about animal rights at family barbecues.

Why doesn’t that animal-lover get a job and leave my turducken alone?


3.  an obsessive or zealous meat-eater; a bad person to get stranded at sea with.

You can’t bring Phillip into a pet store; he’s an animal-lover!


4.  any person who carries on a romantic relationship with a member of the Kingdom Animalia outside of the Homo sapien species.

Ooh, the doorbell! I hope my animal-lover brought me flowers!

5.  an avid fan of The Muppets character, Animal

Nobody sits with Stephen at lunch because that animal-lover won’t talk about anything besides a children’s puppet show.



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