I Was Right: Final Thoughts on Wimbledon 2012

By Dan Fitzpatrick

In a world of cynics and skeptics, believers are few and far between. Even fewer believed that Roger Federer would lift the sacred Wimbledon trophy in 2012. Nevertheless, he defied the odds and the passage of time this fortnight to win a record-tying 7th title in a 4-6, 7-5, 6-3, 6-4 final win over a surging Andy Murray.


As the most popular tennis player in the world, Roger had the support of millions of fans behind him, hoping for their idol to reestablish his grass court supremacy. The real question is, did Federer nation really make a difference in this tournament? The answer: no, only I did.

In his post match interview, Federer explained, “I think it was a time where I just had to believe that things were going to turn around for me.” This belief had not been around in full form over the past two years, but now it suddenly blossoms to championship status, at the same instant when I wrote a brilliant piece about Federer’s certain Wimbledon victory. This was no coincidence. Undoubtedly, Roger came across my previous post during some sleepless night and realized that he could, no, decided that he would, win.

In a way, this Wimbledon title is as much mine as it is Roger’s. I am the Watson to his Holmes, the best friend killed in an explosion to his Rudy Rudinger. Although singles tennis is an individual sport, this was truly a team effort. Thank you all for your support.


“Thank you, Dan. We did it.”-Roger Federer


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