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Donald Trump Tweets Reviews of Classic Christmas Movies


‘Tis the season for unreason! For better or worse, our new President-Elect is not shy about sharing his opinions on Twitter, whether he’s bashing Alec Baldwin’s “sad” impression on SNL or recommending that flag-burners should go to jail. That’s all good and well, but what we Americans are really looking for are some solid recommendations for Christmas flicks. After all, this is very likely the last Christmas ever.

Accordingly, we at The Danopticon dug into the Trump Twitter vault to scrounge up some previously unpublished movie reviews. Will Trump fire your holiday favorite, or will he declare it to be the very best? Take a look:

It’s a Wonderful Life


A Christmas Story


Christmas Vacation


The Santa Clause


How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Frosty the Snowman


Thanks for reading, and have a bigly merry Christmas!

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Live Performance of the Week: ‘King Tut” by Steve Martin

While a bit of a departure from the rock-centric clips I normally feature, this video features comedian Steve Martin in his prime. Here, Martin, a powerhouse host of Saturday Night Live back when it was actually live, graces us with an “educational” song about the ancient Egyptian culture. Also. you may recognize the saxophonist in the sarcophagus as “Blue Lou” Marini from The Blues Brothers.

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